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Beaded Copper essence necklace

Beaded Copper essence necklace

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DISCOUNT priced to move! This exquisite, deluxe pendant includes the display chain. (Item 022)

Welcome to WOW Surf Shop! (Waves of Awareness for Carcinoid Cancer) Bolsa Chica State Beach, California, U.S.A. --Hand shaped wooden, traditional, finless, Hawaiian surfboards & glassed jewelry. *piece shown includes display necklace FREE

In October of 2013, after losing my Aunt to a rare, neuroendocrine cancer known as carcinoid, I founded WOW Surf Shop to raise awareness using rare, wooden, finless surfboards found in surfing antiquity brought back through modern shaping and glass. The Alaia (ah-lie-ah) was ridden by commoners before being nearly forgotten with Hawaii's cultural suppression. Only a few alaias survive in the Bishop Museum in Hawaii. The key feature of the alaia is the absence of fins. The ancients learned that making the boards concave and convex provided enough traction to stand and ride. The alaia's free riding lends itself to holding perpetual spots on breaking waves. This maneuver known as the la la is unique to the finless wooden boards. The alaia has another free form feature as it carves through open face, the shape and lack of drag means you can spin in circles. These circular rides are a glimpse into surfing's past. In those moments, as I throw my entire body weight into the spin, I imagine how thrilled that first rider must have been way back when they discovered the untethered freedom of the spin ride. Rare boards are like rare cancer. I united the two to raise awareness for Carcinoid Cancer. To date, there have been 595 sessions surfed at Bolsa Chica State Beach. In 2016, I discovered glassing pendants with surf glass. Pendants offered a great way for supporters to own a piece of this important ongoing outreach without having to buy a full size surfboard! I also have small pieces of artwork, all glassed. I wanted this surf shop to be unique in that we only offer boards that are used as warriors against this slow killer. We are not a non-profit but enjoy a close relationship with the Caring for Carcinoid Foundation (CCF) and all of our social media friends and those living with Carcinoid or NET cancer over the last four years. Our outreach/advocacy fills an important gap in reaching the public using unconventional tactics. Carcinoid needs all the exposure it can get. Help me eradicate this killer. Give to CCF for research and help our work expand! *All revenue goes to shop rent, supplies, and outreach. Are you in/near Los Angeles? Skip shipping and arrange pick up! Follow us on Instagram: @wowsurfshop or search 'wow surf shop' on FaceBook for our Page.